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Our acronym "LCM" stands for "Life Cycle Management." Life Cycle Management is focused on building and improving a product so that it will function effectively for a longer period of time so that value is obtained throughout the products continued life cycle. Our objectives are simple: Help your operation maximize the life and performance of your equipment components and reduce the cost of operation.

Technicians at Work
LCM Equipment Services philosophy is to preserve the function of an asset from cradle to grave.
Installation Power Buggy Rental
Understanding the mechanical and structural behavior, root causes of failure and other possible failure modes.

Optimizing your equipment performance can produce the incremental equipment reliability that your company needs to achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Our focus is to reduce our customers’ operating cost while improving efficiency and reliability.

Creative and innovative solutions can be provided for every area of your machine to include safety, environment, asset risk management as well as obtaining the full life cycle of the mechanical and structural components of your equipment fleet.

Spinning Clock Gears
Identify areas requiring immediate action as well as medium and long term to manage mechanical and structural integrity, and to assess risk of failure.
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Provides the ability to properly maintain the equipment, plan and achieve reliability and availability targets.

Simply stated, the larger the amount of predictive and preventive information provided with our equipment services the less risk of unplanned and unbudgeted repairs required.

Our LCM program provides evaluations for maintenance and operations managers with an opportunity to increase the value afforded by the mining equipment they have in operation.

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